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The Ultimate List of Vermouth Recipes

What is Vermouth? By definition, it's a wine flavored with herbs and predominantly used in cocktails. In reality, it's perceived as an alcohol with a questionable reputation. We're here to change that stigma and make you see that this unsung hero is so much more than an ingredient in your Martini. Whether you're using sweet vermouth or dry vermouth; red vermouth or white, it's an excellent contribution to many of your most loved cocktails. So take your mixology game and cocktail knowledge up a notch with the best fun, yet simple recipes from our Top Shelf bloggers, and learn the beauty of vermouth for yourself.

Grapefruit Chile Spritz

"The finished cocktail is bright and refreshing with just a hint of red pepper heat.“

- Brandon, Kitchen Konfidence

Grapefruit Negroni with Rosemary

"This variation retains the hallmark bittersweet taste of the original cocktail but with a little extra citrus bite. The rosemary lifts the overall aroma of the drink beautifully."

- Jane, Little Sugar Snaps

The Siciliano

"Light and sweet, the Siciliano is a perfect cocktail-hour aperitif that features sweet vermouth, cold brew coffee, simple syrup and club soda. Quick and easy to make, this coffee cocktail is sure to be a hit!“

- Erin, The Speckled Palate

The Sparkling Boulevardier

"This cocktail is a twist on the bold, charismatic classic boulevardier, which is then topped with a few ounces of bubbly to give it a little extra hint of elegance.“

- Natalie, Beautiful Booze

The Classic Dirty Martini

“This particular ratio of ingredients yields a complex and rich amalgam that's incredibly smooth and satisfying. It's perfect, feisty match of salty, herbaceous, and aromatic."

- Jayme, Holly and Flora


“A twist on a twist as this stems from a White Negroni. But really, you can call it a Holiday Fir Tree Cocktail for all I care, but what I do want you to do is drink this, especially if you've never tried a spirit like this before."

- Elana, Stir and Strain

Perfect Manhattan

“Rye, sweet vermouth, bitters and some amarena cherries combine to form a drink that is as epic as the city it was named for."

- James, Sip and Feast

​​All About Vermouth

Vermouth is on the verge of breaking out of your martini. Oh, it'll still be there for cocktails when you need it, but it's stepping into a spotlight of its own. Vermouth is both aromatized (infused with herbs and botanicals) and fortified (adding neutral spirits to increase alcohol content). Manufacturers keep their botanical blends close to the vest, though, meaning every vermouth will taste different.

How Should I Drink Vermouth?

You won't want to drink a hefty glass of vermouth like you would normal wine, but it's a must-have for your home's bar. Many popular cocktails require a dose of vermouth, including martinis, Manhattans, Negronis, and the bizarrely named Rob Roy. Gallo, Martini & Rossi, and Carpano are the most popular manufacturers, but you might want to try a few in a drink to find the one you like best. Once you find the right one, it's as satisfying as finding the perfect pair of pants.

What Are the Types of Vermouth?

While vermouth is broadly categorized as sweet and dry, most bartenders will tell you there are three types, and each has its own distinct qualities.

  • Sweet Red: There's nothing better than the original sweet red vermouth. Used most commonly in Negronis and Manhattans, this version was historically made in Italy. It's slightly bitter but has a Mediterranean-type quality that will have you dreaming about the French Riviera or Tuscany. Look for "rosso" on the label.
  • Sweet White: Fruity, floral and aromatic, sweet white vermouth is the ideal partner for summery cocktails and dessert wines. A vermouth spritz, made with soda water and the garnish of your choice, is one of the most popular sweet white drinks, and it's ideal for relaxing around the pool. Take time to enjoy this one. Thanks to its lower alcohol content, you can sip on it all afternoon.
  • Dry White: Don't drink this one straight. It won't leave the best taste in your mouth. However, it's perfect in martinis, and it cuts straight through the liquor to give you a quality drink. It's lighter, but not as sweet as the other varieties.

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