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All about pedro ximenez

What is Pedro Ximénez?

Pedro Ximénez is a white wine that hails from Spain. Its major flavors are toffee, chocolate and fig with muted notes of lemon and citrus fruits. This wine is made from sundried grapes from Andalusia that have very low levels of acidity. With less than 10% ABV, Pedro Ximénez white wine is a light drink that pairs well with date puddings, fruit salads, caramel sauce and other sweet dishes. Generally served in dessert glasses, the wine doesn't take to decanting. However, it can mature in the cellar for more than a decade.

Pedro Ximénez family

This wine grape grows extensively in Spain with large concentrations in the Montilla-Moriles wine region. It is a sugary wine that's most suitable to blend into sherries. The Lustau Dry Amontillado Los Arcos Sherry displays an amber pigmentation and a characteristic sweet note upon maturing. The grape also yields a varietal wine with flavors of coffee and walnut. It compares to white wines grown in the Loire Valley in France. This is a popular wine and contains flavors of pear with blended scents of chamomile and jasmine. It's another dessert wine, and winemakers make this French variant from grapes left to ripen on the vine past maturity.

Pedro Ximénez fermenting process

The hallmark of this wine grape is its measure of sweetness. When left in the sun, the sugar in the fruit concentrates and the skin begins to show creases. The grapes pass through the solera system where matured wine is mixed in partsin barrels. The resultant wine frequently carries a scent of dried fruits. Its features will remind you of chenin blanc, a white varietal from France and South Africa. The Spanish wine has a heavy feel in the mouth. It is full-bodied and has complex flavors, and you can find it in sherries or as single varietals.

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