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Marsala Wine

Typically used for cooking, Marsala wine can be enjoyed on its own if you know what to look for. This fortified wine offers vanilla, brown sugar and stewed apricot flavors ranging from bone dry to sappy sweet. High-end varieties are better served for sipping and reveal even more flavor, including apple, dried fruit, honey, walnut and licorice. 

A Chef’s Friend:

Sweet Marsala wine is best known for its ability to create rich, caramelized sauces. But dry varieties are even more versatile when cooking, adding a nutty flavor to dishes featuring beef, mushroom, veal and turkey.

How to Pair:

While it’s not often thought of as a sipping wine, Marsala fills a void other wines can’t. It’s complex flavor profile allows it to pair nicely with otherwise difficult foods, including asparagus, brussel sprouts and chocolate.