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Ice Wine / Eiswein

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All about ice wine

What is ice wine?

A bold-flavored dessert wine that's refreshingly sweet but not too sugary is the best way to describe ice wine, or eiswein as it's popularly known in Germany. Canada, Germany and New York are the top producers of ice wines in the world.

Flavor profile of ice wine

This dessert wine has a sweet taste but is well-balanced thanks to its natural acidity. Ice wines are full-bodied and spicier than most late-harvest wine varieties and have a fruity aroma. Frozen grapes give ice wines their high sugar content and acidity, producing a bold-flavored sweet wine.

How is ice wine made?

To make ice wine, harvesters pick frozen grapes long after the harvesting season is over and take them to the winery. Old-fashioned presses crush the icy marbles of grapes to extract the immensely sweet juice, which then ferments for anywhere between three and six months to form ice wine.

Food pairings for eiswein

This late-harvest grape wine has rich, fruity flavors punctuated with notes of sweetness that make it a great pairing with cheese and desserts. Because this wine is at the sweeter end of the spectrum, pair it with a dessert or cheese that's slightly more subtle in taste and has a medium fat content.

Pair this sweet wine with softer cheese for a late-night snack or round off your meal with this delicious wine and a rich dessert such as cheesecake, vanilla pound cake or white chocolate mousse. If you're looking for wines to whip up delectable dishes, dessert and fortified wines are a fabulous choice.

Serving ice wine

We recommend chilling the bottle of ice wine to 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour or two before serving it. Use white wine glasses to serve ice wines to draw you to the tantalizing aromas of this dessert wine.

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