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Sparkling Rosé Wine

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All about sparkling rosé wine

What is sparkling rosé?

Let's back up and talk about rosé wine first. There are three different ways to make rosé: skin contact, saignée and blending. Perfect all year around, rosé is particularly popular in the warmer months. Rosé is made by juicing red grapes and allowing the juice to soak in the skins 2-3 days, which gives it its noteworthy color. Sparkling rosés are made in a variety of styles and can range from light and floral flavors, to full-bodied.

Are all rosés sparkling?

No, rosé can be made in three ways. They can be still, semi-sparkling or sparkling, each with a wide range of sweetness levels. So if you're not feeling like a bubbly drink, rest assured there's plenty other rosés to try.

How to serve

Sparkling rosé is ideal as an aperitif, or with main courses. It pairs well with pork, duck or seafood like salmon and shrimp.

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