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All About Perrier Jouet

You may not drink a bottle of Champagne regularly, but with a taste of Perrier-Jouet, you'll espouse the Champagne culture. Produced in the Champagne region of France since 1811, this 200-year-old brand produces 3 million bottles of the good stuff each year. What separates Perrier-Jouet is the company's desire to become the greatest Champagne empire the world has ever known. Just 26 years after production started, Perrier-Jouet began exporting 2,000 bottles to New York City each year. With each drink of this libation, people were hooked, and thus, a love affair with Perrier-Jouet started to spread across the globe. The modern Champagne drinker will revel in each of Perrier-Jouet's offerings, but the Grand Brut is at the top of the list. First crafted in 1846, this flagship Champagne blends apricot, ginger and white cherry into one smooth yet delightfully effervescent beverage. The Blason Rose is another fine choice, giving off a floral aroma and the taste of orange and cherry blossoms. The other four mainstays and two limited edition Champagnes from Perrier-Jouet are just as delicious and refreshing, but they're easier to spot thanks to an ornate floral design on the bottle. As delicate, pure, authentic and full of flavor as Perrier-Jouet is, you won't ever go back to another Champagne.