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Hallmarks of sparkling wines

There's nothing more celebratory than opening up a bottle of sparkling wine to commemorate a special occasion. So, what exactly is sparkling wine? It's a fizzy drink with significant amounts of carbon dioxide that comes in a variety of styles, ranging from extra brut to sweet and demi-sec. While Champagne is the best-known sparkler, there are tons of novel bubblies in the market that'll help you savor life's happy moments. A traditional technique called the Charmat Process introduces bright effervesce into a bubbly. As part of this process, post-first fermentation, winemakers transfer the wine to large, sealed and pressurized tanks where second fermentation occurs to create the refreshing fizz.

Unique varieties of fizzy wine

Tread the unknown path in the world of bubbly wines by trying out unique varieties. Winemakers often turn fruit wine into lovely sparklers. A peach sparkling wine, for example, blends the flavor of juicy peaches with the intense freshness of tiny bubbles for a sweet and mildly bitter drink that'll delight your palate.

For those seeking a sweet drink to accompany yummy desserts, sparkling moscato wine is a nice choice. It's a strongly sweet wine with fragrant aromas of white blossoms, peach, citrus and nectarine. This low-alcohol wine tastes subtle and refreshing and is ideal for a summer brunch party.

Asti spumante wine from Italy is a delightful beverage that's a treat for those wanting to sample sweet and sparkling wines. A bottle of this fruit-forward bubbly is a fantastic pairing with luscious desserts and chocolate.

Sparklers serve as great food pairing options too. If you're planning a food menu around this refreshing drink, opt for the brut style, dry wine with a soft sweetness that pairs well with mild seafood dishes and crisp salads.

When celebrations approach, it's time to stock your home bar with a variety of fine fizzy wines that will add a luxurious note to a joyous occasion. Look for special sparkling wines by searching for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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