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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about Asti

      What is Asti? (The wine, not the city)

      As the name suggests, Asti wine hails from Asti, a city in Southern Piedmont, Italy, and its surrounding area. To get the noble denomination of Asti, a wine must abide by a stringent rule: It must contain 100% moscato bianco grapes. This fine grape variety imparts a pale yellow color and a balanced, easy-to-drink sweet flavor. Asti has a delicate fragrance with notes of acacia flowers, wisteria, oranges, bergamot, honey and spices.

      What can you serve with Asti?

      Like Champagne and many other sparkling wines, Asti is essentially a dessert wine. Try it with panettone and pandoro, two desserts that symbolize Christmas in Italy, pastries and Margherita cake.The wine's fresh flavor cleanses the palate between bites. For a change of pace, consider serving it as an aperitif with savory foods such as salami or strong cheeses.

      Chefs also use Asti sparkling wine to cook seafood and meats, or to make delicious desserts, especially those made with cooked fruits.

      Known as an economical alternative to Champagne, Asti goes with foods you would typically serve with Champagne. Try it the next time you have something to celebrate!

      How do they make Asti?

      In early September, farmers harvest moscato bianco grapes by hand, to prevent losing the sophisticated, complex aroma. Workers immediately start pressing the grapes, turning them into must, freshly crushed fruit juice with skins and seeds. After the fermentation process, which takes place at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, a second fermentation process creates the bubbles we all know and love. After that, workers stop the fermentation process by chilling the wine before bottling it.

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