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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

American Sparkling

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      All about american sparkling

      What's a sparkling wine?

      Symbolizing celebration, sparkling wine goes through two fermentation processes to give it light bubbles. Champagne is a popular variety of sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines qualify as Champagne. A high-end sparkling wine, Champagne with a capital "C" must come only from the Champagne region in France. In the United States, California produces various styles of American sparkling wines, ranging from bone dry to sweet. Whether you're celebrating everyday life or a special occasion, try this bubbly, crisp wine that pairs fabulously with caviar and cheeses.

      Styles of this bubbly wine

      Extra-brut variety is the driest style of a sparkler and has no sugar content. For those looking for a bubbly that's dry with just a hint of sweetness, try the brut style. When making brut sparkling wines, winemakers stop the fermentation process just before the yeast consumes the sugar. This results in mellow sweetness while retaining the fresh flavor of the drink. Champagne, the most famed sparkler, is a brut wine, a dry beverage that's mildly sweet. For those wanting a sweet sparkler to enjoy as a dessert wine, try the demi-sec style, which is noticeably sweet with higher sugar content.

      Hallmarks of a sparkling wine

      As soon as you sip this drink, you'll find flavors that are bright and bring your palate alive. Although there are fruity notes, the flavor is never sugary sweet. The acidic notes are highly refreshing, with small bubbles giving the wine a delectable fizz.

      Food pairings for American sparkling wine

      The many styles of sparkling wine make it a versatile drink to pair with a variety of foods. Its light bubbles act as a palate cleanser, and it transitions seamlessly from a brunch-table beverage to a post-dinner dessert drink. Depending on its style and flavor, a sparkling wine blends well with spicy dishes, creamy sauces, fruits, cheeses or desserts.

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