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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Champagne Blend

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      All about champagne blend

      Champagne blend: The Best of France

      A Champagne blend is a distinctive wine style. Technically, Champagne is from the Champagne province in France. According to European law, the only wines that can have "Champagne" on their label have the bottling take place within 100 miles of this province. Winemakers make a Champagne blend by mixing other wines like chardonnay and pinot noir. The style of Champagne blend depends on the type of grapes included and their proportions. The wines from these vineyards are lighter and fresher than those that come from Burgundy. This is why there's a special demand for wines that come from Champagne. There are many blends to consider, such as Brut champagne, which has a dry style.

      Creating Champagne blend

      Champagne has a mild climate, and the soil is chalky and rich in minerals, giving grapes a unique flavor. This is why wines that come from this region hold special importance. Of all the grapes that grow in the vineyards in Champagne, only some create Champagne sparkling wine. These grapes are pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot blanc, arbane, pinot gris, pinot meunier and petit meslier. While the ratios are different in each blend, most of Champagne blends use two-thirds red wine and one-third chardonnay mix. This depends on the body, structure, fruitiness, delicacy, freshness and aroma of the grapes. Experts select wines to create a Champagne blend based on these characteristics.

      Why blend Champagne?

      The concept of blending isn't new. It started when people started making wines. When winemakers combine different sensory characteristics such as flavors and aromas, aiming to create a drink that is better than its parts. Thus, they blend it carefully to harmonize the notes so that no single note is dominant. The objective is to create a drink that is more balanced than what's natural, and it needs human intervention.

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