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Wine Cocktails

Wine is great by the glass, but sometimes you're looking for something a bit more festive, that's where Wine cocktails come in. From basic's like Mimosas to unique Drizly original wine recipes like our Elder-Peary Sangria, there is no shortage of ways you can mix up wine. Not that we're suggesting jumping on every trend out there but Wine mixology is a one that we can fully get behind. Remember wine mixed drinks are also lower in alcohol content so you can enjoy yourself without overindulging.

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Sparkle Spumante

  • wine

Ring in the new year with this bubbly and bright cocktail.

White Wine Spritzer

  • wine

Spruce up your white wine spritzer with a punch of citrus with 7UP

Moscato Lemonade

  • summer

Summer means lemonade and we think it's best when it's pretty in pink! We've got a Moscato Lemonade perfect for prepping ahead for an easy-breezy day in the backyard with friends. You won't believe how quick and delicious it is!

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