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About Yellow Tail

There's a good reason Yellow Tail has become virtually everyone's go-to wine. This family-owned winery has been around for ages. In fact, Filippo and Maria Casella first began making wine in 1957, right after migrating from Sicily to Australia. The family established its first winery in 1969 and launched Yellow Tail in 2001. Today, the sixth generation of the Casella family makes this ubiquitous wine in Yenda, Australia, following the Casella philosophy of bringing together family and friends with wine. One of the biggest perks of Yellow Tail is that you can't go wrong, no matter which bottle you choose. The winery makes some of the most accessible and easy-to-drink wine varieties you'll find anywhere, so grab an old favorite or try something new. Looking for a great white wine to pair with seafood or chicken? Try the peachy Chardonnay or the citrusy Riesling. For something even more refreshing, opt for the vibrant Rosé, which boasts notes of white peach and strawberries. Prefer to savor a glass of red wine? Try the peppery Shiraz, which has notes of red berries and spice, or the Pinot Noir, which is deliciously juicy. For two wines expertly blended into one, treat yourself to the Cabernet Merlot or the Shiraz Grenache.