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Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi

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About Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

In the world of wine, Robert Mondavi stands out above the rest. Using innovative marketing strategies and viticultural improvements, Mondavi brought the taste of Napa Valley wines to the rest of the world. But while Mondavi brought many interesting wine brands to people's tables, none are as smooth or easy-drinking as Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.

Started in 1979, Woodbridge's focus has always been to provide a wine that's fruity and refreshing by itself while also making an excellent food pairing. With 14 wines, Woodbridge has a flavor that's interesting enough for seasoned wine drinkers, yet other options that are ideal for those new to Napa Valley's selections.

For a delicious treat in a glass, grab a bottle of Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon. It starts with a hint of berries, followed by toasted marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate for a s'mores-like ending. Despite its dessert tastes, Cabernet Sauvignon pairs excellently with grilled meats and tomato-based pasta dishes.

Woodbridge Riesling is another Robert Mondavi favorite, offering aromas of stone fruit, jasmine and citrus. This provides a delicate alternative to other medium-bodied or full-bodied white wines. Lower alcohol content and an invigorating acidity combine with unmatched sweetness to make this Riesling the perfect accouterment to a day out on the patio. Pair with chicken or scallops for a dining experience unlike any other.