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All about Stella Rosa

It was over a century ago when Stella Rosa creators, the Riboli family, started their first winery, surprisingly, in Los Angeles. In the 19th century, there were close to 100 wineries in L.A., though many of them closed during Prohibition and the Great Depression. The Ribolis persevered, and today, they operate several vineyards, including one in Asti, Italy — Stella Rosa’s Moscato d’Asti has since become the company’s principal product.

Winemakers are meticulous and thoughtful, and four generations of the Riboli family have pursued the career and passed down the family secrets. The winery has shifted and evolved with the times as the younger Riboli children take the reins. The wineries employ methods of sustainable design throughout the facility and innovative agricultural interventions with the grapes. The prosecco-like fermentation process is the same as ever, though, ensuring Stella Rosa wines maintain their fizzy character.

Stella Rosa wines are low in alcohol (often under 6%) and are available in a verifiable rainbow of flavors and styles of wine. From classic whites, rosés and reds to sparkling, fruity options like peach and watermelon, there’s sure to be a bottle for your taste. There are even non-alcoholic varieties, colorful canned wines and luxury vintages. Stella Rosa is a supremely popular brand of wine, with millions of cases imported each year from Italy. Because of its low ABV and unique, bubbly flavors, Stella Rosa is a fun choice for sangria and wine cocktails.