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All about Ruffino

It’s the Italian way or no way at all, baby — and Ruffino is ready to help you embrace every single moment with the zest and communal joy of a true Italian. The action begins in 1877 in the small town of Pontassieve, Italy. This region was already renowned for its grape growing, producing some of the finest wine grapes on earth.

Two Tuscan cousins named Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino stepped onto the scene that year, setting up a modest winery and nurturing bold ambitions. The two loved the wines their country and region produced, but they were confident that there was still much to be accomplished. The mineral-rich soils of Tuscany were fortuitous, as were the cool breezes of the Mediterranean Sea, which tempered the blazing heat of the summer sun.

In this setting, the two cousins honed their craft, releasing some of the finest wines ever produced. In 1881 their Chianti won a gold medal at the Milan Wine Exhibition. A couple of years later, another gold medal arrived in Antwerp. And in 1890, the Duke of Aosta was so taken by the winery that he made it the official supplier of the royal family. Today you can enjoy their sparkling, white, red, estate and spritz wines anywhere: just don’t forget to whisper a quiet “grazie” when you’re done.