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All about Robert Mondavi

The Robert Mondavi winery, recognized as one of America’s best vineyards and credited with launching the Napa Valley wine revolution, started with a fistfight. Mondavi brothers, Robert and Peter, had several disagreements culminating in a physical altercation in 1965. Both brothers worked together in the family wine business, and Robert thus decided to begin a winery of his own. The To Kalon vineyard, above which the Robert Mondavi winery was built, hosts the oldest grapevines in Napa Valley and occupies a prime location along the region’s Highway 29. Robert enjoyed immediate success.

Constellation Brands has since purchased Robert Mondavi wines, further extending its distribution power. The line includes reds, whites, rosés and blends, providing a range in vintage and price point. More recent Pinot Noirs and Merlots typically sell for mid-level prices, though some older reserves, like the 2015 To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, fetch much higher prices due to the highest quality grapes used and its limited availability. As such, Robert Mondavi wines can be both accessible or selective for a special celebration. This brand allows new wine lovers to sample top Napa Valley varieties without breaking the bank.

The two brothers eventually reconciled, though both have since passed. However, in 2005, Peter and Robert, along with their families, collaborated once more to create a single barrel of wine for the annual Napa Valley Auction. A Cabernet blend, half of the barrel’s grapes came from Peter’s vineyard, and Robert’s To Kalon vineyard dedicated the other half.