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About Ravenswood

No wimpy wines allowed. That's the mantra of owner Joel Peterson, who began his journey into viticulture more than 40 years ago when he worked tirelessly to bring in his first grape harvest before a massive thunderstorm hit. Located in the heart of Sonoma Valley, California, Ravenswood has become the foremost authority on the production of Zinfandel, a grape once thought of as an underdog, but now part of the state's winemaking heritage. In 1976, Peterson broke away from his former employers to craft a wine of his own. Charismatic, knowledgeable and hard-working, he started two vineyards and grew them into the Ravenswood empire. Today, Zinfandel remains the king of Ravenswood, but with 53 wines, there's a flavor to suit any palate. If it's your first journey into the Ravenswood brand, start off with the classic Estate Zinfandel from the heart of Sonoma Valley. Rich and bold, this red Zinfandel variety offers espresso, raspberry jam and berry flavors pre-empted by a vanilla and cardamom bouquet. It's sweet enough to draw in semisweet wine drinkers, but not so sweet as to ward off dry wine drinkers. Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and other white wines round out the Ravenswood family. When you drink one, you're unlikely to say "nevermore."