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About Prophecy Wines

Why settle for wine from a single region when you can taste the world instead? Prophecy Wines takes you on a veritable worldwide tour, with bottles from far and wide. Whether you're in the mood for the distinctive fruit of New Zealand, you want to savor the centuries-old vineyards of Italy or you'd rather sample the essence of the New World, Prophecy Wines has just the bottle you're seeking.

Ready to taste the world? Kick things off with Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc, which highlights some of New Zealand's juiciest fruit and boasts notes of green apple and mandarin orange with hints of white tea and grapefruit aromas. Next, head to Italy to sample Prophecy Pinot Grigio, which hails from the Venezia region and features notes of tropical fruit with floral aromas. For a taste of the South of France, sample the Prophecy Rosé, with its strawberry and raspberry notes and crisp finish.

Finally, make your way west to California to sample the Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon. This bold red features plum and blackberry flavors with notes of oak and a beautifully smooth finish. Of course, you can't miss the Prophecy California Pinot Noir, with its notes of raspberry and cherry and earthy hints of brown spice and oak.