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About Moet & Chandon

Legacy and sparkles. Those are the most essential elements of glamour. And Moet & Chandon champagne has plenty of each. The champagne house was founded in 1743 and has been a symbol of success and grandeur ever since. Today, they combine traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to accompany celebrations throughout the world. If all that class makes you feel a little stuffy, have no fear. Moet champagne was right there for the invention of the two coolest champagne traditions—spraying a bottle like a crazy person and pouring it over that awesome-looking champagne-glass pyramid. So they know how to cut loose. Jean-Remy Moet's ambition was to share "the magic of champagne with the world," and he certainly did it! Back in the 18th century, he inspired everyone from the Marquise de Pompadour (of the fabulous hair), to Talleyrand (the great diplomat), to Napoleon (the little guy) to love the bubbly. Whether celebrating an anniversary, christening a ship or just conquering Europe, Moet & Chandon champagne is now the world's choice. But Moet & Chandon does not rest upon its reputation. Great wine is, as always, about the fruit and this brand sources from the greatest vineyards on some of the greatest wine-growing land on the planet. On 2,840 acres of France's Champagne region, Moet & Chandon selects the best grapes from 200 of the 323 crus. Seventeen are the celebrated grand crus and 32 are premier crus. They craft their wine from the finest Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes money can buy. Between the delicate bubbles, you can taste the quality and heritage. Do you need a special occasion to pop the cork on a bottle of Moet & Chandon? Mais non. Simply sipping their bubbly makes today a special event. No doubt, mon ami, you've done something to deserve it. Buy Moet & Chandon online through Drizly at a great price and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store.