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All about Line 39

Line 39 is all about simplicity — and that’s a bold statement in an industry that’s all about complexity. The folks at Line 39 understand that Northern California’s 39th parallel produces some of the finest grapes on our terrestrial orb and no matter what bells and whistles they could attach, it’s these grapes that do the heavy lifting. Each bottle is crafted by their master winemaker on-site.

Whether it be their chardonnay, pinot noir, cab sauv, sauv blanc or other gorgeous creation, you’re getting all the beauty and uncomplicated joy of one of mankind’s longest obsessions. The smallest details add a singular result that’s pleased wine lovers and critics far and wide. And it’s all done responsibly, too. Line 39 is all about accountability and they’re perfectly happy showing the world how they make their wine. (Spoiler alert: it’s in a way that makes their land, team, partners and fans happy.) Sustainable growing practices, recycled wastewater and other environmentally friendly practices have made this vineyard among the greenest in California. Because it’s nice to feel good about wine — especially when it feels so good to drink.