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More About Lindeman's Wines

Australian wine is one of the most prized varieties around the globe but none so much as Lindeman's. Available in over 100 countries, Lindeman's sells over 80 million bottles a year, making it one of the largest vineyards on the planet and a contender for Australia's most recognizable asset outside of kangaroos and Vegemite.

Born in 1811 in England, Dr. Henry Lindeman learned the art of winemaking on his travels through Europe. In 1840, he traveled to Australia in search of a new life, founding Lindeman's in New South Wales in 1843. By the late 1850s, Lindeman began to export his product to England, becoming one of the first celebrated international wines.

Over 100 years later, Lindeman's Wine was the official sponsor of the 1956 Summer Olympic Games, and in 2000, the winery was the sponsor of the Australian and British Olympic teams. That's a testament to the popularity of these champion wines that have withstood the test of time, even with fierce competition from other Australian vintners.

Today, you can enjoy a bottle of Lindeman's from one of their nine collections. Both the Bin and the Cawarra series take a traditional, old-school Australian approach to winemaking and are loved for their bright flavors and crisp tastes. For a special occasion, try another of their premium collections of red, white or rose wines.