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More About Kistler Wines

If you're looking for a winery with a terroir that truly shines, Kistler Vineyards will never disappoint. You'll taste the sunny skies and fertile soil of California's Sonoma and Napa Valleys with each sip.

Not exactly a new kid on the block, Kistler was founded in 1978 and has been producing its own distinctive wines for more than 40 years. If you have a strong appreciation for small wineries that take both the land and the winemaking process seriously, Kistler Wines are sure to please. You'll also appreciate that, throughout four decades of producing only the finest quality wines, Kistler has grown from producing 3,500 cases per year to creating 35,000 cases annually.

If your wine tastes tend to be specific, Kistler Vineyards might just be your perfect match. Rather than offering an endless array of varieties, Kistler focuses on just two: chardonnay and pinot noir. Kistler's pinot noirs hail from four vineyards and boast an elegant feel with beautifully balanced flavors.

If you're a chardonnay lover, you'll want to try all 10 vineyard designates, which span the Sonoma Coast, the Sonoma Mountains and Carneros. Kistler Vineyard's chardonnays feature gorgeously rich layers, while the Trenton Roadhouse chardonnay is wonderfully earthy and bright.