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Kim Crawford wines started out in a small Auckland cottage in New Zealand. Since its launch in 1996, the label has gained critical acclaim around the globe. We do things unconventionally, task risks, start things, and welcome different. Our philosophy on making good wine is simple: focus on flavor. 

Our winemakers describe themselves as the ‘guardian of flavor’ crafting wines that are vibrant, authentic and crisp. We have been influenced by New Zealand’s unique natural beauty and uses it to inspire wines with robust, fruit-driven flavors that accentuate a gentle and natural character. Ultimately, we aim to let the original flavor of the grapes shine through in every glass of Kim Crawford.


This frozen take on our soft and luscious Rose is delicious any time of year

Watermelon Cocktail

Impress your guest, or just yourself, with a cocktail that looks amazing, and tastes even better.

Rosemary Paloma 

Give this classic cocktail a little something special with deliciously aromatic rosemary syrup.

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