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About Kim Crawford

Step one: Start winery. Step two: Become wildly successful immediately. That was the simple business plan for Kim Crawford Wines. They executed it perfectly. The winery started in 1996 as an at-home business near Auckland, New Zealand. Less than five years later, their aromatic wines were winning awards and popping up in stores across the United States. Oh, they also moved into a fancy winery and started buying vineyards. From the beginning, they've strived to produce vibrant, fruit-driven wines that put a spotlight on the natural flavors of their grapes. And since, at this very moment, your corkscrew is not where you think it is, they helped kick-start the screw-cap revolution you love so much.

If you know New Zealand wine, you know the Marlborough region is tops for winemaking. You also won't be surprised to learn that after a few years of making some killer wines on New Zealand's North Island, Kim Crawford relocated to the South Island's Marlborough region.

Of course, thanks this move, the winemaker also owns vineyards all along the coast of New Zealand. Today, they produce top-ranked bottles from grapes grown all across the nation.

There's no room for subtlety at Kim Crawford — go big or go home, right? In fact, they strive to produce varieties that are both vibrant and crisp. Every bottle also bears its own sense of personal style, highlighting the big, unique flavors and features of New Zealand.

Both their reds and whites will strike your palate with boldness and won't ever let you forget them.