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About Kendall Jackson

Right alongside the Rubik's Cube, the Atari 2600 and Max Headroom came an '80s icon that only followers of Bacchus can appreciate — Kendall Jackson. Most people agree that Cali is the place where truly unbeatable wines can be crafted, and no one knew it better than Jess Jackson.

Setting down roots (literally) in Lake County, California, was no easy chore. In 1974, Jess shouldered the daunting task of removing 80 acres of walnuts and pears to plant his first Chardonnay grapes. In 1982, Kendall Jackson opened its doors. A mere one year later, their Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay took the first-ever Platinum Award for a domestic Chardonnay at the American Wine Competition, launching Kendall Jackson into the international spotlight.

Speaking of those crazy '80s, it's notable that Nancy Reagan herself was a huge fan of Reserve. After all, the Reagans wisely insisted that naught but Cali wines were to grace the tables of the White House. The press got wind of this and soon took to calling Vintner's Reserve "Nancy's wine."

Today, Kendall Jackson is the number-one seller of Chardonnay in the U.S. They took that crown over a quarter of a century ago and haven't relinquished it since. Give one of their many Chardonnays a sip (not to mention their many other wines) and you'll find out why!