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About Josh Cellars

Founded in 2007 by Joseph Carr, Josh Cellars wine is a story in perseverance, quality and finding the perfect niche. That trifecta is something every person should strive for, but in a glass, it's just as good. Carr began his venture into winemaking in a corporate atmosphere, bringing moderately priced Australian wines to American masses. However, something was missing that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Racking his brain, the now-famous vintner developed a business model to create quality wines to compete in the midrange of California-based reds and whites.

To achieve sales of over 1 million cases in just 10 years, Carr buys all of his grapes from other growers and contacts from his years as an executive. Using his knowledge of wine and flavors, he can then craft beautifully flavored red and white wines to suit your tastes at a price you'll love.

The Josh Cellars wine family now has eight types of wines that cater to all types of wine drinkers including five reds, two whites and one rosé. The Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular of the bunch, imparting the taste of dark fruit, oak and vanilla in each sip. For something more delicate, grab a bottle of rosé. Light-bodied, citrusy and crisp, it's the perfect date on a warm summer day.