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More About Joel Gott Wines

There are seemingly hundreds of winemakers nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, but Joel Gott stands out among the pack. That's because it's a literal labor of love. In 1996, Gott purchased five tons of fruit from a boyhood friend with the hopes of turning the investment into a wine company. With the help of his winemaker girlfriend, Sarah, the couple transformed an idea into a prized wine that's been on tables around the country for more than two decades. Whether it was the wine, the attraction or a bit of both, the couple married. The rest is history.

Once sourcing their varietals only from California, Joel Gott Wines now buys 15 types of grapes from growers across Washington, Oregon and California. With proper blending, these grapes transform into elegant, complex, balanced and food-friendly wines you can proudly put on your table at any social gathering.

In Napa Valley, cabernet sauvignon makes up 40 percent of the crop, so start your venture with Joel Gott there. The Joel Gott 815 cabernet sauvignon embodies the spirit of the fertile wine-growing area, yet without a pretentious air. Bursting with fruit flavors, clove, coffee, cedar and vanilla, this divine wine is heaven in a bottle.