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Maison Mumm, then known as P.A. Mumm & Gieseler, was founded in 1827 by Jacobus, Gottlieb, and Philipp Mumm, sons of winemaker and merchant Peter Arnold Mumm, who owned vineyards in the Rhine Valley of Germany. They recognized the quality of grapes produced in the Champagne region and decided to purchase land in the Montagne de Reims, Côte de Blancs, and Vallé de la Marne, focusing mostly on Pinot Noir (78%). The House still owns 218 hectares of land, rated at 98% on the Echelle des Crus scale.

 The French 75

The G.H.Mumm signature craft cocktail. It’s iconic, fresh, simple to make, and perfect year round. Cheers!

The Classic

The G.H.Mumm classic craft cocktail is an all-rounder to suit every palette. The bona fide crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

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