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About Franzia

When most people think of boxed wine, their minds automatically conjure up visions of Franzia. That iconic wave of refreshing vino that splashes within the crystal glass is well-known to wine lovers all over the world. What you may not know is that this legend of the vine has a history that stretches back over a century.

Way back in 1906, Teresa Franzia's vision of hand-crafted family wines came to fruition (pun intended), and the Franzia Wine Company was born. Franzia even rode out the bumpy road of Prohibition by selling grapes grown in the western United States to winemakers across the land.

Want even more history? Amelia Franzia Gallo, the wife of world-famous vintner Ernest Gallo, was Teresa Franzia's daughter. One might say that the blood — or shall we say wine — of Dionysus flowed powerfully within the family lineage. And while Franzia was not the first company to create boxed wine, they pioneered the genre by adding freshness dating to every package.

Franzia's affordable and highly quaffable boxed wine offerings are a sure-fire hit for every occasion. No glass to break, no corks to pull, and smiles for everyone involved. Just one sip, and you'll be more than happy that you didn't think outside the box this time.