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About Cupcake

Like the delicious, decadent dessert after which it's named, Cupcake Vineyards strives to inject sweetness and light into every wine it produces. Winemaker Jessica Tomei has created an enviable line of chardonnays, roses, sauvignon blancs, pinots, champagnes and proseccos to delight your palate. Whether you prefer red, white or sparkling, you can find a Cupcake wine you love. Try several varietals to figure out which one best tickles your taste buds. The Cupcake Pinot Grigio is a rich crowd favorite that will please anyone on your dinner guest list. For celebrations, go with the Cupcake Prosecco or Cupcake Champagne. Made from grapes drenched in crisp California sun, Cupcake wines tend to feature rich, fruity notes and creamy bases. They're easily paired with any dish you might concoct in your kitchen, from summery salads to classy cuisine. They're also great dessert wines, whether you're enjoying a simple popsicle on the porch or preparing a sophisticated menu for your closest friends. Alternatively, make Cupcake wines part of your dessert. They're perfect in chic cocktails and paired with sweet syrups. Get the best deal on Cupcake wines by ordering your next delivery via Drizly. Try several bottles and consider inviting a few friends over for a taste test.