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All about Cupcake

With its endearing name, bubbly rosés and a charismatic female winemaker, Cupcake Vineyards is a household name for affordable wine lovers. The product line is playful and tantalizing, with names like Butterkissed Chardonnay and Red Velvet. From colorful bottles and on-the-go cans, Cupcake wines are an easy poolside or party accessory.

Introduced in just 2008, Cupcake Vineyards is extremely popular among American women and has adopted a pretty impressive marketing strategy. Cupcake partnered with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, serving wine-by-the-glass and hosting wine trivia games throughout the event. Then, Cupcake sponsored Lollapalooza, serving up frozés and alcoholic ice pops during the four-day festival. The brand’s social media presence features bright trendy accessories, recipe ideas and endearing comments like, “Sparkle like your prosecco.” The positive messaging and general lightheartedness is a refreshing spin on an industry founded in tradition and exclusivity.

Cupcake Vineyards is based in California but connects with growers in Italy, New Zealand and other renowned wine regions to source its different products. Generally, the wines are sweeter and fruit-forward, which are more popular for most American palates. Cupcake Vineyards wines are accessible to everyone, including you with Drizly, providing an opportunity for budding wine lovers to sample wines from around the world.