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Vineyard Location: Rutherford, CA

Conundrum Wines began as a journey in experimentation at the dinner table of Chuck Wagner Sr., co-founder of Caymus Wines. Unable to find the perfect wine to pair with certain meals, Wagner and his family began mixing different types of wine to find the right match. This was radical for the wine world in 1972.

Fast-forward to 1989 and those initial nights of experimentation come full circle with the release of Conundrum White – a white wine blend with amazing versatility thanks to its tropical flavor notes. This served as the flagship wine until 2011 when Conundrum Red was introduced. A serious, yet playful red blend that pairs well with grilled meats and flavorful dishes. Today you can shop on Drizly for the full lineup of Conundrum Wines: White, Red, Rose and Sparkling.

Conundrum sources grapes for their wines from a variety of areas in California including Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara and San Benito. Each contributes to the character of their wine blends and makes for excellent tasting wines perfect for sharing over great conversations.

Tasting Notes of Conundrum Wines

  • Conundrum White: Hints of Asian pear, tropical fruit, apricot and brown spice.
  • Conundrum Red: An aroma of berry pie, vanilla and brown spice. Flavors of German chocolate and dark plums.
  • Conundrum Rose: Scents of watermelon, strawberries and peaches as well as floral notes. Palate flavors include berries, pomegranate and citrus.
  • Conundrum Sparkling: Flavors of key lime, peach, melon and vanilla.