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About Chloe Wines

Classic beauty isn't just a photo of Marilyn Monroe. It's what you get every time you uncork a bottle of Chloe. Classic beauty bottled is their mantra, referencing the elegant, sophisticated and timeless approach to the art of winemaking. This art form is the brainchild of Romanian-born vintner Georgetta Dane who brings her love of the craft and knowledge of each varietal to create award-winning red, white and rosé wines.

Sourced from Italy, each grape creates wines classy and tasty enough to make Chloe the official sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival. That pretty much means that each time you pour a glass and pop on a movie, you're officially at a premiere — even if you're just on your couch. But don't underestimate the flashy side of Chloe wines.

Chloe offers a lineup of eight superstar wines that are refreshing out of the bottle or in one of Chloe's signature wine cocktail recipes. For a modern twist on a classic, the Chloe Cares Cosmo pairs vodka, Chloe prosecco and cranberry juice in a heavenly mixture that's strong, sweet and tart. If you're a traditionalist, grab a pinot, chardonnay or merlot, fill your glass and let the delicate and balanced flavors do their thing.