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About Chateau St. Jean

Established in 1973 in the fertile Sonoma Valley of northern California, Chateau St. Jean is the classic Sonoma wine. While Sonoma is often lumped together with Napa, it has a distinct, laid-back vibe that's apparent in each glass of Chateau St. John's wines. However, Chateau St. Jean is just one of over 450 wineries in the region, which may leave you asking why this winery is better than the others. The answer is quality. With award-winning winemaker Margo Van Straaveren and an expansive array of grape varieties, Chateau St. Jean can craft each barrel of wine with the utmost care and attention to detail. With 42 wines and sparkling wines in their collection, there's an option for every type of palate. Any venture into Chateau St. Jean's wines should start with the legendary Cinq Cépages. This red wine is a blend of five different grapes originally grown in the Bordeaux region of France. This imparts a familiar French taste with the rich, bright flavor you can only find with Sonoma wines. It opens with floral, sweet and savory aromas that transcend to flavors of dark chocolate and black raspberry. Together, this provides a rich, elegant, full-bodied and balanced wine that's great right out of the bottle. Just make sure to grab a glass to class it up a bit.