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All About Cavit Wines

For well over half a century, some of the finest wines in the world have been coming from the fertile regions of northern Italy. Cavit Winery is based in Trentino and was established in 1957.

Cavit's business model is quite unique. Thousands of local growers bond together to operate over a dozen cellars located throughout the area. The grapes are cultivated, harvested, crushed and vinified at these cellars. Batches are then selected for transportation to Cavit's central winery. There, the finest wines are finished, bottled and aged.

By sharing resources, Cavit allows family-owned vineyards and wineries to collectively produce wines that are world-class and have won hundreds of medals and awards. Wine lovers benefit as well, since Cavit's products are quite affordable.

When you take home a bottle of Cavit, you're also supporting global causes. 99 percent of Cavit's cases are made from recycled cardboard and only water-based ink is used. Water conservation, minimal pesticide use and renewable energy are but a few of the company's goals. Over 3,000 solar panels grace the roofs of their production facility and warehouse, fulfilling two-thirds of their energy needs.

Drizly carries a wide variety of Cavit wines, including their world-famous pinot grigio, unoaked chardonnay, rose and prosecco. Open a bottle of Italian winemaking history today!