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Casillero del Diablo

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All about Casillero del Diablo

Chilean winemakers Casillero del Diablo are beloved the world over for their breadth of expertise, which includes but is not limited to chardonnays, merlots, cab sauvs, carmeneres, shiraz, rosé and more. Their wine cellar is located in Pirque, a quiet village about an hour from Santiago. The air is fresh here and the Concha y Toro vineyard stretches a tapestry of grapes and gardens over the landscape. It’s a beautiful place.

It’s also the site of some unexplained activity.

Within this idyllic setting lies a chamber leading down to an old, dark wine cellar. Many years ago, a ship sailing from Europe to Chile carried seeds of a sacred vine. Once planted, they produced grapes of unbelievable quality. And even though Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, the owner of the vineyard, locked the door of the cellar every day, he found many of his precious wines went missing. He decided to spread a rumor that the devil himself lived in the cellar — and surprisingly, many of those who had been to the cellar confirmed that they had seen the devil lurking in its shadows.

And so Casillero del Diablo lives on today, proud of its ghosts and even prouder of the sacred grapes that continue to provide its flavors today.