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About Campo Viejo

Wine conversations often center around grapes grown in France or Italy, but Spain is no slouch when it comes to producing delicious vino. Campo Viejo wines offer plenty of flavor and subtle aromatic notes, though the precise characteristics depend on where the grapes sprouted from the vine.

Rioja is best known for producing the tempranillo grape, which make for extremely full-bodied wines. The inky grapes have thick skins that can tolerate a wide variety of climates. The varietal wines boast a distinctive ruby-red color that might remind you of a highly polished jewel.

Take the Campo Viejo Rioja Reserva, for instance. It's rich, textured and extremely dense, with a strong mouthfeel. It has a smooth finish, though, that makes it ideal if you prefer your red wines on the sweet side. Pair it with seafood, sausage or summer salads, depending on the time of year. It also goes down well on its own if you're looking for a before-bedtime nightcap.

Campo Viejo Rioja is another crowd favorite. Those who like to sniff their wines before they taste them will find this bottle particularly attractive. Woodsy and dark-fruit flavors abound in this wine, and it goes well with fish or chicken as well as pasta dishes.