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About Cakebread Wines

Jack and Dolores Cakebread's love of winemaking began with a completely different artistic passion — photography. Back in 1972, Jack was shooting pictures of a California location for a photo book about American wines when he made a casual offer to purchase a local vineyard. To his surprise, the offer was accepted. Soon, the Cakebreads were attending intensive winemaking classes at nearby UC Davis. What began as a project reserved for weekends and evenings, only undertaken after obligations at their family-owned auto repair shop were complete, soon exploded into plump fruit and ripe destiny. In 1974, Cakebread Cellars released 157 cases of its first wine, a chardonnay. Within a year or two, their cabernet sauvignon was being produced at nearby Keenan Winery. Today, Drizly is happy to offer a full line of Cakebread wines. Thanks to hard work and rubbing elbows with neighboring legendary winemakers such as Robert Mondavi, Cakebread Cellars' fine vino began grabbing the attention of wine enthusiasts everywhere. Cakebread is now a household name (at least, in homes where fine wine is fully appreciated). Here at Drizly, you can find Cakebread merlot, chardonnay, zinfandel, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and more. These are bound to be some of the finest Napa wines you've ever sipped and are perfect for special occasions in which a bottle of vin ordinaire simply won't do.

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