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All About Caduceus Wines

Looking to expand your wine collection? Consider Caduceus Cellars, a family-owned, small-production winery in Jerome, Arizona. The winery is owned by Maynard James Keenan, vocalist for the progressive metal band Tool. Given its size, Caduceus Cellars only releases a handful of blends for national distribution in select territories, so getting your hands on a bottle is truly something special.

The winery's first bottle of limited edition Primer Paso quickly sold out from 2005 to 2007. After Keenan's mother died, he scattered her ashes across one of the vineyards and honored her memory with a cabernet sauvignon called “Nagual del Judith." The musician also started scheduling all Tool performances around the winery's crucial production weeks, ensuring his presence for harvesting and processing.

Keenan's dedication paid off, as Caduceus Cellars' wines and tasting room have become mainstays in the Grammy Award winner's hometown. Selections include Malvasia Bianca, a dry-as-a-bone chardonnay with seductive jasmine notes and a bright, clean mouthfeel, Barbera merlot with a fruity old-world palate and the full-bodied Tempranillo Spanish-style red. Caduceus Cellars also frequently releases bundles and three-bottle mixes, allowing you to sample a nice variety of wines.

Whether you're looking to try something different or you're simply a fan of Tool, Caduceus Cellar wines are worth a sip.