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All about Black Box

In engineering and science, a black box is a device where you can see what goes in and what comes out, but whatever happens inside is a mystery — and Black Box keeps that mystery alive and well with their alcohol.

Black Box has been bringing us sophisticated booze in a box for years now. Their Premium Spirits deliver boxed liquors like tequila, vodka and whiskey, each special in its own right. Black Box Tequila, for example, comes from fine blue agave and is distilled in small batches. Black Box Whiskey receives six years of aging in American oak casks. And Black Box Vodka is made from pure mountain water, distilled three times, filtered five times, and still costs less than other leading brands. Not to mention it’s always smooth and delicious.

Then there’s Black Box’s entrance into the wine world. It takes a lot of confidence to launch into the wine industry, but just because these are boxed wines doesn’t mean they’re anything to scoff at. Black Box Wines have won over 50 gold medals across the United States thus far and delivers delicious, complex blends to keep you smiling. So no matter what mysterious creation you’re trying out, just know that you’re getting snob-quality drinks at plebeian-level prices.