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All About Black Box Wines

Since its founding in 2003, Black Box Wines has set out to prove it's the wine in the package, and not the package, that is important. After winning 50 gold medals from competitions around the world, they've proven their point. While many believe an elegant 750 ml bottle is the only place to find quality wine, Black Box knows their packaging is superior. Boxed wine is never turned by exposure to air, never damaged by light and takes up less space than bottles. A Black Box will last six weeks after opening and stomps half the carbon footprint of bottled wine. The liner in the box never imparts a flavor to the contents. Black Box features appellation specific, vintage-dated premium wines from California, Argentina and Chile. Their wines are crafted to be fruit forward and food friendly. They carry all the most common varietals plus a red blend, red sangria and rose. All that and Black Box sells for 40 percent less than comparable wines. New varietals and blends are always in the works, and Black Box is taking its bulk packaging concept to the spirits market. They have just begun to sell whiskey, vodka and tequila too. So don't get all wine-snobby about a box. It's cheaper, lasts longer and tastes better.