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All about Beringer

Beringer Vineyards is the oldest continuously operating winery in the mecca that is Napa Valley. That’s quite a legacy to uphold, but these folks don’t have any trouble rising to the occasion. They’ve been first at a lot of things through the years: they were among the first wineries to make their process gravity-fed, as well as among the first to dig their cellars and caves by hand. They began the Napa Valley tradition of giving public tours in 1934. And of course, they’re the only winery to have ever received a #1 Wine of the Year for both a red and a white.

Whew. Take a breath. Now let’s continue.

Beringer’s wines continue to receive top marks from critics and experts, from their cabernet sauvignon to their alluvium blends, merlot, chardonnays and white zinfandels. It has survived changing tastes, Prohibition, climate disasters and mergers and remains a robust, resilient, endlessly dependable winery for the discerning enthusiast. Heck, it may be California’s finest (competitors, read: we said “may”). Enjoy any one of their bottles to understand how it’s all supposed to be done.