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About Bedrock Wine

The best wines are those that tell a story. Not a tale of the five-dollar shelf at your local grocer, but the kind of story you whip out at dinner parties when you're dressed to impress. The folks at Bedrock Wine Co. make it their business to track down distinctive ingredients that infuse their wines with intrigue and appeal. Having expanded from a converted chicken coop into their own warehouse, these winemakers know a little something about taking things from good to great. The bottle may not come with specific instructions on how to woo your date, but a few inspiring sips are sure to get your creativity flowing. With rich flavors and distinct undertones of California sun, these wines will keep flowing as well. These vintages come from vines that date back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Perfectly poised to whisper to you of whimsy and wisdom — or at least to accent your dinner with an impressive bit of flair — Bedrock Wine Co. is what you want on the table when you're planning a night that goes above and beyond.