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All about Barefoot

No matter your favorite wine variety, there’s a good chance that Barefoot Cellars has a bottle for you. The Barefoot brand is all about accessibility and affordability while still maintaining a high-quality product. Winemaker Davis Bynum introduced the original Barefoot wine (named Barefoot Bynum Burgundy) in 1965; the company was then re-branded Barefoot Cellars and took off in the 1980s. Today, Barefoots wines have won thousands of awards and reach an international market of wine lovers.

The Barefoot line includes traditional reds, whites and rosés, as well as sparkling varieties and box-wine options. You’ll of course discover classics, like a berry-heavy Cabernet Sauvignon or the spicy Pinot Noir, but you won’t want to miss out on the more creative twists. Try a bottle of Blueberry Fruitscato, recommended as a pairing for warm brownies. Barefoot has also joined the fray of hard seltzers, creating their own tropical, wine-based spin on the trendy beverage. Barefoot products don’t skimp on the color, so the brand’s support and partnership with Pride Month make the perfect pairing.

Barefoot Cellars stands for inclusivity, inviting the younger generation to sip and experiment with wine. They even have a selection of wine-based recipes, like a Chardonnay Confetti Cake. The accessibility of the wine is a huge success. In 2005, the E&J Gallo Winery added Barefoot Cellars to their already impressive portfolio, and the brand has since become one of the top-selling wine brands in the U.S.