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All about Apothic

Apothic is all about mischief. The brand’s name comes from the mythologized place in Europe called Apotheca, where people blended wines and stored them away in the 1200s. Apothic honors the mystery of history with their wines boldly crafted to captivate a global audience by their head winemaker Debbie Juergenson.

Apothic never strays from the stories told by their varietals. Each grape’s growth during different years guides the profile of their vintages, with character and flavors coming together in exquisite combinations. Their wines tell stories — some are cheeky, some are dramatic, others are romantic.

If you know wine, you’ll understand immediately upon your first sip what sets Apothic apart. There’s a little wink waiting for you inside every bottle, whether it’s that grape that you never knew belonged there or the finish you weren’t expecting. Prepare to go on a journey curated by some of the masters in winemaking, and remember that the best parts of a journey are the surprises along the way.