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All about André

André has been delighting taste buds and tickling the fancy of wine snobs since 1966. You may know them as the fun-loving winemakers who aren’t too hoighty-toighty to throw wine in a can. Or you may remember them as the cherry on top of that fantastic tailgate or sweater party. Either way, you remember what makes André André: they make fabulous wine and champagne and refuse to take themselves too seriously.

If you do raise a glass (or can) of André, you know that the wine you’re drinking is slightly sweet, elegant in its simplicity and crisp as an October apple. That’s because their wines come from the finest grapes grown in the heart of California’s wine country. Their California Champagne has become the go-to for toasts and celebrations near and far, and its irresistible flavor has also made it the choice for cocktails and mimosas.

So live a little, will ya? Grab that can of Brut Rosé or that bottle of Champagne and party like it’s 2021. Because life is too sweet to waste it on anything less awesome.