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About 19 Crimes

19 Crimes wine truly embodies a spirit of rebellion, innovation and creativity. It's a proud Australian wine and a delight to sip. Most people know that Australia was first established as a British prison colony. "Transportation" was the sentence for perpetrators who were guilty of any of 19 different crimes —  ranging from impersonating an Egyptian to stealing a shroud from a grave (sometimes history is even weirder than the stuff you can make up). These criminals soon became colonists who would launch one of the greatest countries in the world. Each bottle of 19 Crimes bears the image of one of these real-world colonists, and many of their stories can be explored on the 19 Crimes web site. The wine itself is a marvel, thanks to the efforts of legendary Aussie winemaker Treasury Wine Estates and, particularly, master of the vine Paul Dahlenburg. The brand was launched in 2011 and has received enthusiastic reviews from critics and wine lovers alike. You can find several 19 Crimes offerings on Drizly, including their classic red blend and Cabernet Sauvignon. You can also check out their bold Pinot Noir dubbed "The Punishment," their dark red known as "The Banished" and several other wines with dramatic names and equally intense flavors.