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About 14 Hands

Move over, Napa, there's another cool state in town. Washington wines are highly regarded for their complex notes and high affordability, and 14 Hands is a true native of the Evergreen State. Italian and German immigrants have been crafting wine in Washington for nearly two centuries, but it's only in the last few decades that the wine scene has truly exploded in the Pacific Northwest. 14 Hands is named after the small but mighty wild horses that once freely roamed the lands of eastern Washington. These hardy beasts measured just 14 "hands" tall (a "hand" is about the width of your palm). While 14 Hands seems like a newcomer, it's actually an offshoot of the legendary Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and its century-old history. In response to the explosive popularity of the brand, 14 Hands established its own winery in 2013. Nestled in Prosser, which is central to the fertile Columbia Valley, the winery's location takes full advantage of eastern Washington's long growing days, loamy soil and dry sunshiny weather. You will find a full range of 14 Hands wines on Drizly that include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moscato and Rosé. You can also delight in their Stampede and Kentucky Derby red blends, highly popular Hot to Trot line and the sweet and fruity Run Wild Juicy Red Blend.