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White Sangria

White Sangria

White Sangria

    • Level: Easy
    • Prep: 5 min

    An easy white sangria made with 7UP!


    • A bottle of chilled, Dry White Wine
    • 2 cups White Apple Juice 
    • A variety of Fresh Sliced Fruits, such as Peaches, Oranges, Blueberries
    • Handful of Raspberries, muddled
    • A few sprigs of Mint Leaves
    • 1-2 cans of 7.5 oz cans of 7UP 


    • Pitcher
    • Ice cube tray
    • Muddler
    • Knife

    How to Mix

    1. Grab a pitcher and add your raspberries and mint to muddle at the bottom 
    2. Add 3-4 handfuls of ice 
    3. Add your slices of peaches, oranges, and blueberries 
    4. Pour 2 cups of apple juice into the fruit and ice 
    5. Pour the full bottle of wine into the pitcher 
    6. Top with 1-2 cans of 7UP to add a little sweetness and fizziness to your drink!

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