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Whiskey & Chocolate Pairings Guide

Wait. Whiskey and chocolate in the same sentence? It doesn’t get much better than that. Our Chief Cocktail Officer took a few of her favorite Whiskeys and paired them with delicious chocolate for a pairing guide that speaks to everyone. Whether you need a birthday gift, a dinner party dessert or just another low-key Friday night activity, pairing these two tasty treats will not disappoint. After all, guilty pleasure snacks are always better when consumed together.

First thing's first when pairing food and spirits – getting the right flavor combination. Trish shared a little advice for this:

“You're looking to match notes that, when put together, can help enhance the foods an beverages you're enjoying. Very rarely would you want to pair a food and drink with the same flavor profile because they'll compete with each other.

You always want to look to match flavors that can complement, but not overpower. Something bitter can become more mellow with a smooth spirit. Something very sweet can find an interesting pairing with a smoky or spicy flavor. Something very rich and creamy can get cut down with something oaky or even licorice-esque."

Why whiskey pairings instead of wine you ask? It's difficult to pop open a few bottles of bubbly or delicious reds and try them without needing to finish the entire bottle. With whiskey, you can buy a few, open them up to try and cork them to keep for another few years. Not to mention, whiskey is all the rage right now. So grab a bottle or two and make your next event one to remember – without further ado, the Whiskey and Chocolate Pairings Guide:


Smooth, sweet whiskeys pair best with this chocolate's bittersweet flavor.

Save: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Splurge: Red Breast Single Pot Still 12 Year


Smokey whiskeys pair best with this chocolate's sweet flavor.

Save: Sheep Dip Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey

Splurge: The Hakushu Single Malt Whisky 12 Year


Oakey whiskeys pair best with this smooth chocolate's nutty addition.

Save: George Dickel Superior #12 Whisky

Splurge: Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey