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Ready to travel back to everyone's favorite futuristic, Western-themed amusement park? Westworld's new season is the perfect chance to dabble in some delicious vices as you watch the mystery unfold. From the vintage Black Velvet to what (we believe) would surely be Maeve's favorite cocktail at the saloon, we've rounded up a few cocktails that pair perfectly with a Westworld viewing experience.

Gold Rush

Full recipe on Garnish Blog (Adapted from T. J. Siegal)

Nothing says "the old west" like a whiskey-based drink literally called the "Gold Rush." We're willing to guess this is what Teddy is programmed to order.

Black Velvet

Original recipe on Cup of Zest

A bit like Westworld itself, this tantalizing combination is sweet and soft at first, but becomes more turbulent as you get closer to its murkier depths (Guinness, in this case).

Ruby Fizz

Original recipe on Cup of Zest

This cocktail has a lovely hue and, like Maeve, also packs a serious punch. It has a strong gin backbone softened with grenadine and egg white. We're guessing it's what Maeve and her girls drink to get their night started.

Seventh Heaven

Original recipe on Cup of Zest

A guest favorite at the Mariposa Saloon in Sweetwater. Rumor has it it's also Dr. Ford's second favorite drink, after straight whiskey.


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Can't argue with straight whiskey, the favorite drink of most of the gentlemen (and quite a few ladies) of Sweetwater.