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Wedding Planning

Looking for a fun wedding cocktail or need to know more about buying the booze for your big day? This quick guide has got you covered.



Go for easy to drink crowd pleasers like light lagers and pilsners. They are finance friendly for you, and lighter in alcohol so your guests can stay on the dance floor all night long. If you and your guests are fans of craft beer pick up some seasonal variety packs that way there is a little something for everyone.

Sparkling wine and champagne are a must for any wedding. In addition to the bubbles, a 60/40 split of White to Red wine is a good way to go. For outdoor or daytime weddings stick to light not-too-sweet wines like sauvignon blanc or pinot noir. They are easy to drink, and there are tons of great choices out there no matter what your budget.

Liquor & Cocktails:
Choosing a few signature cocktails for the big day (see our 'Better Together' recipes) is a great way to focus the liquor and cocktail selection for your wedding bar. If you think your guests will be looking for something harder than a beer, go for the standard array of simple drinks like Gin & Tonic, Rum & Coke and maybe one classic cocktail like a Manhattan. Keeping it simple will not only make it easier for your guests to decide what to drink, but will also limit the blow to your wedding day budget.

Mixers, Ice & More:
A standard 1.75 bottle of liquor will make about 16 drinks, so figure you will need about 3 bottles of mixer to every bottle of liquor. Keep in mind that some guests may just want a soda throughout the night so rounding up when it comes to non-alcoholic items is a good idea. If your venue does not supply ice, making sure that you have enough is key to a well chilled night of celebration. If you are planning to use the ice for a mix of cocktails as well as in coolers a good rule of thumb is to get approx 25 lbs of ice for every 10 guests, half of that if you are just using it to chill bottles.


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Color Match Cocktails

Jewel tone color palates are big for fall and winter weddings. So why not serve signature cocktails to match your theme?

Emerald City
Amethyst Anchor
Salted Caramel Old Fashioned