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Vodka Recipes

Vodka Cocktails

Mixology beginners this is your spirit friend. If you can master the cocktail basics with this liquor you're well on your way to cocktail mixing magic. Vodka is traditionally a colorless spirit distilled commonly from grains, or potatoes. It's also flavorless, which makes it the perfect spirit for popular vodka drinks like Cape Codders, Screw Drivers, the Classic Dirty Martini and the brunch favorite, Bloody Mary. In recent years, American-made vodkas like Tito's Handmade Vodka, and Deep Eddy Vodka have become top sellers in this spirit category. Pro Tip: Keep your vodka of choice in the freezer so it's nice and chilly for when you're ready to whip up your next batch of vodka cocktails. (Cosmo anyone?)

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